“…since Man is part of nature, since his personal and social life are still a natural phenomenon – like the growth of a flower or the process in the life of ant’s or bee’s societies – there are no reasons why, shifting from a flower to the human being, from a beaver’s village to a modern city, we should stop to use the method serves us so good till that moment …” (Pëtr Kropotkin, 1913)

The core of Lĕmŭres is the live-electronic approach, here meant as real-time processing of strictly “raw” field recordings. Lĕmŭres is a project born to performe live, using multi-speakers sound systems. Our performance aims to create an artefact soundscape due to the several sound fronts placed in situ, a new environment we have called “Z”.

The multi-speaker scenario put the audience inside a modified landscape, transformed by the spatial structure of the place where there will be as many fronts as listeners. The sound won’t have a main direction, but grains and sound components will move around the area. The sound will be circular and linear at the same time.

It is known that ‘subject’ and ‘object’ tend to modify each other because the observer is not outside the process but a part of it every time (also if subconsciously), and the object  is not unchangeable, but it changes conforming to the environment’s changes. As much of what we observe is strictly subjective and as much of what we describe will be also: with our modus operandi we mean to describe a kind of “mental landscape”, fictional meanwhile concrete and real.

This concept could be represented by the formula:
[ X (field recordings) + Y (audio interactions with the site)] ➡ (processing) = Z (instantaneous reality).