Lĕmŭres is a collaborative project by Enrico Coniglio and Giovanni Lami (alphabetical order) born in AIPS (Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori), a collective of musicians promoting the culture of soundscape. The duo, being quite young, has already performed in several festivals and venues around Italy, at Giorgio Cini Foundation (Venezia), Forum per il Paesaggio Sonoro (Firenze), Schiume Festival (Mestre), Flussi Festival (Avellino), Festival della Laguna di Venezia (Sant’Erasmo – Venezia), Teatro Fondamente Nuova (Venezia) among others.

The term Lĕmŭres derives from Latin and in the most ancient devotional practices of the Roman Empire’s religion meant “spirits of the night”, “ghosts”, “shadows”. In our concept “lĕmŭres” are the shadows of the landscape, the hidden meanings. The hidden meanings explain why each element of the landscape exists as a piece of a bigger puzzle. The landscape and its soundscape is the result of the combination of elements that have a place in relation to their specific function, in time and space.

Enrico Coniglio and Giovanni Lami are musicians working in electroacoustic, field recordings, ambient and noise area, melting attitudes from all fields. They have both also a non-music background concerning environment and anthropic effects on landscape.

Enrico is graduated in Urban and Country Planning and is now involved in strategic environmental planning in the Council of Venice; from several years he’s been developing a critical thought/observation about landscape evolution and its crisis. He’s also developing a new concept of soundscapes borrowing some principles from Landscape ecology theory.

Giovanni is graduated in Food Science & Technologies and also in Photography.  As a photographer he did, among others, projects for Unesco in Ethiopia and artistic residencies in Basque Country and Norway, lots of exhibitions and published some books. He follows the “new topographers” school of portraits and landscape focusing his interest mainly into connections between people and places, using only large format cameras for his projects.