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We’re really proud to copy here a review of our set at cafeOTO, written by Nathan Thomas and Pascal Savy @ Fluid Radio. We performed it as part of Postcards from Italy project.

The third and final set was supposed to be a joint performance between Barbara De Dominicis, Enrico Coniglio and Giovanni Lami but unfortunately De Dominicis had to cancel at the last minute, so Lami and Coniglio played instead as a duo. It should be noted that they regularly work and perform together as LEMURES, something that was all too apparent at Cafe Oto as their set really worked as a singular entity. They started their performance with what seems like unprocessed sounds drawn from the vast archive of field recordings captured by the whole collective of artists. Environmental noises (water and rain, thunder) were juxtaposed to sounds signalling human presence (steps, objects being moved, people speaking sometimes) to form a non-linear and intricate first section in which the tension was created by the space and silence in between noises. Live sound manipulations, like granulation, pulverisation or pitch shifting of those recordings, blurred the line between the familiar and the alien to create a foreboding atmosphere of menace and uncertainty, adding depth and dimension to the performance. Throughout the set Giovanni Lami made use of live electronics and analogue synthesis to create high-pitched diffused sound masses or deep bass undercurrents, as a way to either underline the tension or to displace the narrative into ambiguous spaces. As the set drew to a close, all the musicians came back on stage for a 5 minutes impromptu performance that could have sounded very chaotic and cacophonic, but strangely enough this improvised ensemble worked rather well together and manage to recontextualise the sound material heard before into new threads of narrative.

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